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Online Proctoring Solution during COVID-19

Written By: Simmi Puri, Co-Founder

While schools have taught their children how to do ‘things differently’– to learn differently, create and think critically, work in collaboration and independently, be curious to explore new opportunities , they have not been able to apply these learnings to themselves.Today, there is a disruption in the education system, but that should not deter teachers from meeting their students online – online sessions are more interactive and engaging and students seem more eager to attend the ‘virtual class – it can also help maintain some human-to-human connection, which we’re all craving right now.

Proctored Skill Assessments for Businesses who prioritize capability building during Covid-19

Written By: Simmi Puri, Co-Founder

As businesses and educational institutes around the world postpone and cancel in-person meetings, e-learning is booming – classes and training programs are being conducted with the support of online collaboration tools, like Zoom, Google Classroom, Lark, etc. However, the question that looms large with the authorities is how to move assessments online, ensuring academic integrity and assurance. This has led to an unprecedented surge in the demand for automatically monitored (proctored) examination and skill assessments.